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Our carpets will endure for years to come

Follow this care guide to tend to the life of your carpet

A comprehensive carpet maintenance program doesn’t just keep your carpets looking cleaner, it will improve texture retention, wear life, and reduce soiling of the carpet from day-to-day foot traffic.

A thorough vacuuming program is essential to the maintenance of your home’s carpet. Frequent vacuuming is the most effective way to dispose of dry soil particles, sand, etc., that can damage carpet fibers.

Spot cleaning

Cleaning equipment such as wet/dry vacuum or portable extraction unit that is used for general carpet maintenance – or is designed specifically for spot cleaning – is often the most effective and efficient way of removing spills.

Note: Wicking, which is the recurrence of stains after spot cleaning, is not uncommon for a concentrated spill. If wicking occurs after a carpet has been cleaned, simply reclean the area using the previously used procedure(s).

Dry stains

Gently remove as much of the substance as possible using a small, soft hand brush or spatula to break up any crusted material. Vacuum thoroughly to remove loosened particles.

Wet stains

Blot with absorbent white cloth or paper towel, or use spatula to remove excess, then blot. For larger spills, a portable extraction unit or wet/dry vacuum is most effective for removing spilled liquids.

cleaning agents

◦Detergent solution – commercially available general carpet cleaning or spot-removal detergent

◦Ammonia solution – mix 1 tablespoon non-bleaching household ammonia with one cup of warm water (Note: Do not mix ammonia with chlorine bleach. Follow manufacturer’s warnings on mixing ammonia with other chemicals.)

◦Vinegar solution – white vinegar

◦Clear alcohol – rubbing or denatured

◦Dry cleaning fluid – any non-flammable brand, used according to manufacturer’s directions


◦Quick action is best to fully lift a stain

◦Always pre-test in an inconspicuous area of the carpet or on an uninstalled piece of carpet

◦Use drip-spout bottles; do not pour spotters onto the carpet

◦Use clean, white, absorbent towels

◦Work from the outside toward the center to avoid spreading the stain

◦Blot; do not rub (or use an extractor to flush out the contamination)

◦Expedite drying


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