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Not sure of your carpet color selection? Remember this one rule:

Whether you’re looking for a bold color in your carpet, paint, couch or rug, one simple rule can save you a huge headache and worry about if your room choices will come together well or not.
When balancing color, this ratio can help you balance out more permanent choices like walls and carpet with easier-to-transition pieces like rugs, couches, throw pillows, blankets, and more. But what does it mean?
60% of a room should have a dominant color: whether that’s carried out on walls and rugs or carpet and furniture. While it’s not necessary to follow this rule down to the shade chosen, having one dominant color family can make all the difference when creating a cohesive space.
30% of a room’s color should come from an accent color: this can be an accent wall + patterned rug in your chosen color, artwork, or anything else. While you don’t want a space to be overly matched, you do want complementary colors to enhance the atmosphere!
10% is about getting creative and throwing in blends of other colors. This gives variety, adding to the room scheme’s visual interest. This is where it’s easiest to have a little fun, throwing in variations of art or decorations that might be a bolder color than you’d want as part of the main color palate.
While 60-30-10 isn’t a hard-and-fast rule by any means, it’s an easy one to adopt if you’re unsure of your color choices. By sticking with it, you can ensure your new carpet color not only balances out a room, but enhances the space for you to enjoy for years to come.
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